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Happy Anniversary TrêsLife

By :LaTanya Lodge 0 comments
Happy Anniversary TrêsLife

It’s TrêsLife’s BIRTHDAY!! 🥳


On this 2 year anniversary of TresLife I want to first say THANK YOU sooo much for all those that have trusted and supported TresLife these past 2 years. It’s not easy starting a business from scratch, but even with all the highs and lows it is because of amazing customers that we truly keep pressing through the storms and the rain. People need people, and as an up and coming business WE NEED and APPRECIATE YOU 😘😘!!!!


I chose this picture of my jubilation because this was the time that defined what TrêsLife truly meant. This picture was March 14, 2020. I just quit my Corporate America job in January 2020. I had goals, a vision, events booked, and a sense of finally “living.” It was only 13 days later on March 27th, on the cusp of TresLife’s one year anniversary that my state officially shut down for the pandemic 😩. Event after event began to cancel and I was living what so many of us small businesses in 2020 lived....the path of uncertainty.


Through all the ups and downs, I NEVER lost my faith in what God could do 🙌🏼. In my downtime, I began to think what could I do to still connect with people. Salons were shutdown, we all were at a standstill, but we still had hair that needed to be maintained. A thought came to my mind 💡. I had to get out of my comfort zone and go to the people...virtually. This is when and why I began the TresLife Healthy Hair Live Series. Although I was a nervous wreck, the event was a success, so I continued it weekly. The series helped so many learn about their natural hair, get answers to questions, and embrace their natural beauty. It was at this time that TrêsLife received its meaning.


TrêsLife is not only a hair and skincare line, we also give you the tools and techniques to truly love and embrace your natural hair. Our bundle packages and regimen guides are handcrafted so that you can have a successful healthy hair journey.


🌟 Our mission is to ensure that EVERYONE is accepted for how their hair naturally grows and LOVES who they are. Join us in this journey in year 3 as we draw closer to our goals. Thank you again for holding us up these last 2 years ❤️.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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