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Another Key To Hair Growth

By :LaTanya Lodge 0 comments
Another Key To Hair Growth

Many of you have told us, that your hair goal is health over length. This is WONDERFUL to know and a great start towards a healthy hair journey. Half the battle is having the right goal. So now that we’ve completed half of the journey towards growth, let’s continue charging forward.

Step 1: Was refocusing your goal from hair growth to healthy hair. (Side note: if you missed this tip, review yesterday’s email for the gems we shared).

Step 2: This next step is commitment. This is a VERY important step and one that cannot be avoided if you want growth. Commitment is a single word that holds so much value, however when we buy in to its purpose, you reap the benefits.

How does commitment play a role in your hair growth? Let’s start by stating the obvious, if you’re not committed to something, you’ll eventually quit. But even greater than that, if you’re not committed from the very beginning you will give it little effort and become frustrated because your not getting the results.

Commit to only these 3 things and start to reap the benefits of growth:

✅A commitment to time- Find one day out of the week where you can take the time to care for your tresses. This will be called your wash day.

✅A commitment to invest- You want to invest in the right products and service. To invest in the righ products, you have to use products that have healthy ingredients. Think of it this way, if you’re using a product that cost $5, can you imagine the manufacturers cost to make it??? Inexpensive products have cheap, unhealthy ingredients.

An investment in products also consists of the right tools. You should have a great detangling tool(wide tooth comb or detangling brush). My favorite Detangler is the Felicia Leatherwood. Let’s put a pause here for a second. Now, it’s important to know, you can have the right tools and not know how to use them. So let me help you, when detangling your hair ALWAYS start from the ends of your hair to the root. NEVER handle your hair roughly. This is where you take your time and go section by section. This is KEY for your growth, because it will prevent split ends, which is by the way, one of the main reasons your here seems like it’s not growing. An investment in service consist of getting a consultation, that will specifically cater to your haircare needs. This will ensure that there are no underlying issues that may impact your hairs health and growth.

✅A commitment to technique- This last commitment is what we at TrêsLife label as a regimen. A regimen ONLY works if you have a process in place and stick with that process consistently. At TrêsLife, we provide the regimen, but YOU have to committed in order to reap the benefits.

Take up the challenge, commit in your tresses, and enjoy the reward of healthy growing hair!

Of all 3 of the commitment goals, which is more of a challenge for you? Reply to this post. I’d love to hear your challenge and help you along your journey.

Have a great day TrêsLifer’s!

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