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The TrêsLife Story

The TrêsLife Story

Licensed cosmetologist and CEO of The TrêsLife, LaTanya Lodge, has had a passion for hair and health for as long as she can remember.

Early in her cosmetology career, LaTanya became aware of the chemicals and toxins being used in many products throughout the cosmetology industry and in many salons. This was a great cause of concern for her as she was unwilling to continue to use products that were potentially harmful and dangerous to her hair and overall health. To combat this problem, she began researching the science behind what makes hair healthy, strong, and nourished using only all-natural and safe ingredients. Her research led her to start creating her own products and using them on clients, family, and friends. The results led to strong, beautiful and nourished tresses that were not a struggle to maintain.

For thousands of years, hair has been known to be a reflection of our identity and can even influence our self-esteem no matter our gender or age; however, LaTanya realized that many women in the natural hair community (curly, kinky, coily and wavy textures) have been overlooked and mocked due to the texture of their hair. This has caused many women to feel as if their natural hair and beauty is a problem that needs to be fixed or covered up. LaTanya knew that her all-natural, paraben-free product line would nourish and grow natural hair; however, she did not yet have a solution for the stigma that came along with it. So, she rolled up her sleeves and created one. In 2022, she opened the first luxury, high-end curl bar salon that caters to the natural textures.

The TrêsLife Curl Bar provides upscale services including a luxurious coconut milk & honey treatment, steam hydration treatments, spa-like scalp massages, and more. This space allows woman of natural textures to be themselves while getting pampered and educated about their individual hair type and needs. They also receive a regimen that will guarantee results using the all-natural, handmade TrêsLife products. TrêsLife is known for their simple 5-step Regimen to Healthy Hair and their invaluable efforts to rebuild the esteem of their natural "CurlFriends".


LaTanya takes the hair journey with each of her clients and assures them that HEALTHY HAIR IS POSSIBLE as she guides them towards the transformation of a lifetime.

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