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To Cowash or Not To Cowash, That is The Question???

By :LaTanya Lodge 0 comments
To Cowash or Not To Cowash, That is The Question???

When I first started my natural hair journey, I admit I was a stickler for trying ever fad or trend that existed for natural hair. So when I heard of co-washing, I quickly tried various conditioners and noticed my hair was super soft and manageable on wash day. I continued this sporadically and then started to notice my hair lacked the health and volume that I desired at the time and my moisturizers were not penetrating my hair well. I immediately washed my hair and never went back to co-washing. Co-washing is a process that you don't shampoo your hair, but you only condition your hair on wash day. This process has proven to work for many and not work for just as many. These are just a few of the reasons I do not recommend my clients to co-wash:


1- My first issue with co-washing is if not done properly, you will get buildup and over time impact the pH of your scalp and cause dryness and breakage to your hair.


2- Co-washing is to preserve your hairs moisture, but if you are using a hydrating sulfate free shampoo like any of the ones we offer at TrêsLife, you should be able to properly cleanse your hair without stripping your hairs moisture. This is ESPECIALLY harmful to low porosity hair and can be disastrous.


3- For our clients that do not prefer shampoo, there are other alternatives that TrêsLife clients have loved and not only prevent stripping your moisture, but help with even better moisture absorption.

a) The TrêsLife Detox Me Bundle is a clay system that serves as a cleanser and moisturizing system that will increase moisture, definition and shine 😍.

b) The Apple Cider Reboot- This is our herbal tea cleanser that you spray on your hair and allow to sit to remove all buildup. This is great for detangling, moisture and added shine.


4- If you are using a sulfate free shampoo and following the TrêsLife regimen with our moisturize me bundle, you should not lack moisture, but you should actually see your moisture improving.


5- Finally let's face it, is conditioner truly "cleansing?" As we teach at TrêsLife, ALWAYS check your ingredient list. If you see anything ending in -cone or a lot of protein ingredients in your co-wash, these can be the things that are actually contributing to dry and breaking hair.


So long story short I am not a co-washer and with all the health that my clients receive following the TrêsLife regimen, I see no need to do co-washing. Our goal at TrêsLife is healthy happy hair, not regimens that give hair the appearlance of health or could potentially damage your hair.


Tell me what are your thoughts??

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