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Your “Hair” Destiny Is About To Change [ Secret Inside ]

By :LaTanya Lodge 0 comments
Your “Hair” Destiny Is About To Change [ Secret Inside ]

We don’t realize it as much but our hair plays a very important role in our lives because it mostly tells our story to the world without us knowing about it. And that story is a mirror image of what we feel about ourselves.

If our hair is good quality, long, moisturized, and healthy, we feel AWESOME about ourselves. If our hair is unkempt, frizzy, dry, unhealthy, we feel CRAPPY about ourselves. I have myself been to the ugly place where because my hair was not ideal, I felt under-confident, self-conscious, and unmotivated to even do my own hair.

But as soon as I knew that what I felt about myself was because of my hair, I decided to change my hair destiny. I took charge of my hair and tested every product that was on the market, eventually to only get disappointed because none of the products gave me the growth and health that I was looking for. On the contrary, they left my hair dry and my curls lifeless.

One day I decided to take my passion for hair and health and investigate the science behind our hair and what our hair requires so that it would grow strong, healthy, and beautiful. Shockingly, I discovered that a lot of the ingredients in our everyday cosmetics and hair products were actually harming us, instead of helping us.

Through the years I began testing all-natural and safe ingredients on myself and my clients and the results were that my hair and many of my client’s hair went from dry, brittle, and damaged hair to strong, glowing, and healthy hair.

I have now decided to share my hair growth secret ingredients and strategies with you all. Subscribe today and add my email to your contact list so you don’t miss my messages.

LaTanya Lodge

CEO & Founder The TresLife
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